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When you use your vehicle's steering wheel, many components work together to guide the wheels in a proper direction. If a key component that interacts with a steering system malfunctions, a car may complete turns too slowly or quickly.

Understeering causes delays during cornering situations. If a steering wheel is rotated several times, a car that understeers won't react quickly. Instead, it will drive straight on the road until the steering wheel reaches a certain point during the rotation. Vehicles that oversteer make sharper turns, which is a problem; when turns are sharper, the slightest steering wheel rotation can easily glide a vehicle off a road. This is why precise timing is needed to effectively operate an automobile that oversteers.

The best way to resolve a severe steering system problem is by visiting an automotive maintenance and repair shop. At Mossy FIAT, you can service your car's steering system, engine, transmission, tires, and more.



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