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Imagine yourself gliding down the coast and deciding that retracting the soft top of your convertible would be the perfect addition to the road trip. You do not want to stop but know that such is the only way to activate the top. You could have kept going had you bought a 2018 FIAT 500c.

The new FIAT offers you the luxury of four stopping points on its retractable soft top. You can choose to let a crack of wind in via the roof or let the whole top down for full exposure to the elements. Perhaps the most revolutionary thing about the 2018 FIAT 500c is the fact that you can use the retractable feature without stopping the car. The soft top will peel back so long as you are not traveling at speeds greater than 60 MPH.

The days of putting the car in park to show off your soft top are gone. Stop by Mossy FIAT to step into the new with a 2018 FIAT 500c.



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