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There are three things you can do to keep your radiator in tip-top shape. That will go a long way to maintaining your overall cooling system and preventing your engine from overheating. Your radiator has three major components. There is the radiator itself the radiator cap and radiator hoses.

The radiator needs to be flushed regularly. Flushing it will also allow a mechanic to inspect it for any problems. The radiator cap covers the fill hole for antifreeze, but it also seals the entire cooling system to a certain pressure. A worn seal could mean problems.

Radiator hoses can develop cracks or leaks causing coolant to spill on the ground or in the engine cavity, causing it to smoke. At Mossy FIAT, we can check these items and other possible problems to keep your engine from overheating. Bring your car by today for an inspection or other servicing!



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