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If you're considering your next vehicle and wondering if you would benefit more from a front-wheel or rear-wheel configuration, your decision will have a lot to do with your particular needs, as they each respond differently to climatic and road conditions.

Rear-wheel-drive cars are excellent for curvy roads, as their construction allows for greater stability and handling. They can also drive over a deep pothole or a curb without as much damage as the alternative. They don't provide much traction on slippery surfaces, making them less than ideal for those in a cold climate. Front-wheel drive cars excel in wintry conditions. They are also cheaper to manufacture than rear-wheel-drive cars, allowing you to get more car for your money.

If you've got further questions about rear-wheel and front-wheel drive, stop by Mossy Fiat in National City, CA.

We're always here to make your next car purchase easier by helping you to understand how various options fit your needs.
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