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At Mossy Fiat, we want to help you expertly navigate our city's roads. Experts share the road with other motorists and with bicyclists. The following advice can help you share the road whether you are behind the wheel or on a bike.

When you drive, stay alert. Alertness is important to all driving situations, and paying sharp attention can help you notice bike riders that you might otherwise miss. On a related note, please never text and drive. You could save a cyclist's life or your own. Also, always leave at least three feet between your car and someone on a bicycle. Everyone on the road deserves a little space to maneuver, after all.

If you ride a bicycle on the road, we hope you wear a helmet since accidents do happen. When riding at night, employ reflective gear and bright lights for heightened visibility. Finally, always ride in the same direction as motorists in your lane.



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