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If a roadside emergency happens, it is best to be prepared. Here are some items that can be handy to have with you in case of an emergency.

A first aid kit is an item you will want to have in case of an emergency. It should ideally contain some antibiotic ointment, an ice pack, disinfectant, bandages, and painkillers.

A flashlight is another item you will want to have on hand. It can be used to help you find your way in the dark. The flashlight can also be used to inspect the inside and outside of your vehicle.

Jumper cables or an air compressor with a jump starter is another must-have item for a roadside emergency kit. These two items will let you restart your vehicle in case your battery dies out.

Before you head out for a trip, it is also a good idea to make sure your vehicle is checked out for any potential problems. Visit Mossy Fiat to get a full inspection and to get the go-ahead before embarking on any major trips.



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