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Every time you drive your car you step on the brake pedal but do you ever wonder what's causing your car to stop? Brake fluid is an important part of your car's braking system, and once you understand how it works, you'll realize how important it is to keep fresh fluid in your vehicle.

First, let's examine what brake fluid is. It's a non-compressible substance, which can handle high temperatures and pressure. Each tire on your car has a brake pad and a rotor. The rotor presses against the brake pad, and the pad presses against the tire to slow down the tire's movement, which slows your vehicle down. Now, when you press the brake pedal, this causes pressure to build up within the brake lines, causing the brake fluid to push the rotors which push against the pads, which then slows down your car.

When brake fluid meets moisture and other contaminants, your car's performance suffers. If you want to have, your car's brake fluid checked to make sure it's in good condition, visit our team at Mossy Fiat to have the skilled technicians at the service center examine your vehicle.

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