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Hydraulic fluid, also called brake fluid, is pushed through the brake lines when you depress the brake pedal. It works as a way to keep the temperature steady during braking and as a lubricant for the brake system.

The fluid is pushed through the lines as you press on the brake pedal, and it heads to the brake cylinder. The cylinder compresses a piston that then forces the brake pad and disc to engage. It’s the friction of these two parts coming together that actually stops your vehicle. While braking, extremely high heat is produced, and the fluid is a necessary component to keep the system from overheating.

You shouldn’t run low on brake fluid. If you are, then you may need new brake pads, or there’s a leak in the line. Either way, it’s likely time for an appointment in our service center. The staff of technicians here are happy to take a look if you stop into Mossy Fiat the next time you’re in National City, CA.

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