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Do you think your battery might be going dead? If you notice that your lights are flickering when you turn on the car or if you notice your car is slow to start, then you may have a battery issue. It's important to test your battery so that you know if your vehicle's electrical system is working properly. If you check your battery every year, you'll be able to prevent issues such as your vehicle not starting.

You can use a multimeter to test your battery at home. These are affordable devices that will show the charge that your battery is getting. You can also test your battery by turning on the headlights and seeing if they are as bright as they should be. If they flicker or don't come on all the way, then you could have a dying battery on your hands. If the lights also increase in brightness as you start the engine, then you could have an issue with the alternator.

Want to get your battery checked? Stop by Mossy Fiat to schedule maintenance on your vehicle.



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