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As the weather continues to shift in both temperature and overall forecast, your vehicle can be subject to performance-inhibiting conditions. The longevity of any car, truck, or SUV is greatly increased if it receives seasonal maintenance. There are some major safety adaptions a conscience driver can make to prepare for the change of the seasons, whether going from winter to summer or vice-versa. Our team at is here to ensure that you can succeed well into the long-term future.

A seasonal maintenance checkup is a little different than a regular checkup. Changing to and from snow tires, charging batteries, and changing coolant fluid are an example of the weather protection measures you can expect. This also provides an opportunity to change the thermostat which can raise or lower the temperature of the heater. You may want to flush the oil or coolant if having overheating problems.

Most checkups have to be done by a specialist, which is where the mechanics in our service center come into play. Make an appointment with us and take care of your seasonal maintenance at 2626 National City Blvd. Preparation can help you avoid a very unpleasant breakdown due to weather.

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