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The Italians sure do know how to have fun! And we see this with Fiat’s latest tv spot!

"No Blue Pill Needed": After finding his bottle of blue pills empty, an elderly gentleman (Nini Salerno, with Adele Pandolfireprising their roles from "Blue Pill,") spies the all-new 2017 Fiat 124 Spider outside his window and uses it to race away to get more. Along the drive, set to the music "Papa Loves Mambo," he discovers that his pills are no longer needed. He returns home to his wife and proudly announces that "we're back" – a nod to the Fiat 124 Spider's return to America. Supplementary social content will be posted across the Fiat social channels with the hashtag #NoBluePillNeeded.

About "No Blue Pill Needed"
"No Blue Pill Needed" is a follow-up to the FIAT brand's award-winning "Blue Pill" spot featured during the 2015 Super Bowl telecast. The 60-second spot follows the epic journey of "The FIAT 500X Blue Pill" as it slips through the fingers of an amorous Italian, skipping across rooftops, down a drain pipe, bouncing off villa walls, pinging across café tables and eventually dropping into the open fuel tank of a Fiat 500. Given "The FIAT 500X Blue Pill," the vehicle becomes a "bigger, more powerful and ready for action" 2016 Fiat 500X crossover.
"No Blue Pill Needed" was created by FIAT brand in partnership with Doner.

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